N1Wireless is pleased to introduce The Winner Program to its most valued customers! Every Month you have a chance to win one of our amazing prizes! Hurry up and be among n1wireless winners!

Prize List:

First Prize: DeLonghi RO2058 Toaster Oven:

Second Prize:Jabra JX10 Bluetooth Headset:

Third Prize: 2GB SD Memory Card:


1- Post a Review 2- Weekly Trivia Question
How it works:

- Rate your experience with n1wireless by leaving us a review on the following sites
click the link below (or paste into your browser):


- Please check n1wireless list of winners at the end of each month.




TIP: Posting reviews at both Resellerratings.com and Measuredup.com doubles your chance to win!!

How it works:

- Check our Trivia Question Column on n1wireless Blog
Click here: http://blog.n1wireless.com/index.php/weekly-trivia-question/

- type your answer in the comment field

- First correct answer will win the first Prize as followed by second answer for second prize, and the final prize goes for the third correct answer we receive.






Thank You and Good Luck!
N1wireless.com Team